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Education & study opportunities in Finland

In Finland vocational education and training provides skills for both life and work. Young people as well as adults can obtain vocational upper secondary qualifications. Adults can also attain further and specialist vocational qualifications at various stages of their career path. A vocational qualification gives general eligibility for university of applied science and university studies. VET is developed, delivered and assessed in close cooperation with the working life.

Kpedu in brief

The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia, Kpedu is a multidisciplinary and actively developing educational organization that organizes basic and additional vocational secondary education, preparatory education, apprenticeship training and folk high school education. Kpedu is also an active developer of the region and its livelihoods, cooperating with the region's municipalities, business community and other education and development actors. At Kpedu all teaching is in Finnish.

5 locations: Kokkola (head campus), Kannus, Kaustinen, Kälviä and Perho.

58Different degrees
5359Degree students

Student satisfaction in 2022:  4,23 (1-5)

International mobilities and projects in Kpedu

Our objective is to give our students the education and training that prepares them to work in the ever more international working life. We want our students to get along with different cultures, languages and nationalities. That is part of the professional skills!

Kpedu´s student and staff mobilities are mainly funded by the European Commission and by The Finnish National Agency for Education. International activities are usually funded by the European Union´s Erasmus+ programmes Key Action 1 and 2, as well as the programmes of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Finnish National Agency for Education provides also special funds for international activities.

In Kpedu we cooperate with many partners all over the Europe and we are involved to many different projects and networks., like EfVET and Xarxa. With long time experience of internationality we can garantee high quality international experiences for our students, for our staff members and also for our foreign visitors and incoming students.


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We are always ready to discuss about new mobilities, development projects and partnership cooperation plans concerning vocational education as well as development of education system nationwide. Our international coordinators will help you in every case:

Heidi Jokinen, Industry, transport, construction and Natural Resource: +358 44 7250624
Anne-Maija Leppälä: Business, services: +358 40 8085594
Satu Sundell: Wellfare: +358 44 7250534
Kari Kaasinen: ICT, audiovisual communication: +358 44 7250840

Mail form: firstname.familyname@kpedu.fi

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