What is WISE?

The project “WISE” focuses on ways to strengthen of the competencies of the VET learners and especially those “soft skills” which are more and more required by the labour market and the companies.

 The general challenge for VET systems is to provide young people with skills and competences to access and maintain their position in the labour market and to progress within it, thereby sustaining their employability.

 VET organizations need to set up new methodologies, new learning environment in order to provide our learners with these competencies and, as a consequence, the trainers need a change of attitude and new tools and competencies.

 If the VET organizations manage to do this the whole system will benefit: the companies that will have skilled employees, the VET providers that will be seen as a real chance for young people and the young people themselves who can find a path to social and working insertion.

 The partners decided to set up a “Exchange of good Practices” project to equip their trainers and organizations with tools and methods which have proved very successful in countries different than theirs or to transfer their own methodologies: by examining each other’s contexts they expect to have results related to their organizations, to the staff and ultimately to the learners.

 The organizations will have a wider network of partners and a better knowledge of the learning models and VET systems of the other EU countries involved in the project. Their European development plans will be strengthened and new approaches might be put into place. Their management skills in EU project will be further widened.

 The project foresees two learning activities/short term staff training events: the organizations will participate with two or three trainers each and they will learn how the learning models are put into practice in two countries/regions and how the learners acquire soft skills which can be useful for their working life. On a more transversal level, the trainers participating in the learning activities will improve their ability to work in a multicultural environment and in a foreign language. This will increase their motivation.

 At the end of the project the partners will draft a simple document with the lesson learnt through the exchange of good practices and with some recommendation to implement methodologies for the enforcement of soft skills in VET courses for young people.

 Other results are product that the partners will use for the project management and dissemination i.e:

  •  The Facebook page or website
  • the feedback of the simple testing activities: after each learning activity the partner will decide upon a simple tool or methodology that they can test in their classes during the daily activities already carried out
  • the shared stakeholders database: a local, regional, national European level
  • the templates for the evaluations (questionnaires and evaluation forms)
  • the sustainability plan
  • the dissemination plan
  • A financial management short guide to help the partners in the managing of their expenses for the project.



Contact information

Heidi Jokinen
p. 044 725 0624

Mika Väisälä
p. 044 725 0832

Kari Kaasinen
p. 044 725 0840

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