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Kuvassa kuvataiteen opiskelija Minttu Nikula.

I am Minttu Nikula, mixed worker of arts, forever anarchist, active wanderer, wondering life, thinking with my hands and Kälviä Arts-line of study’s responsiple teatcher and the swirling spirit behind the contents of the visual arts.

In making and teaching art, it’s important to me that things flow. I am not a patient master of technology, but more of that one, who when the sun is shining, throws the brushes to the basket and runs outside to blow dandelion seeds into the wind. I believe that arts is wondering, thinking of things and experiencing life with the whole body. Visual art contents and the whole Kälviä Arts line’s base is a thought of reinforcing ones own way of  expression. That you stop in yourself and listens to the dreams floating in the dust of your corners, observes outside life even with eyes closed, toes in the wet sand. Or running around in circles aimlessly and making cart wheels. Communicate and interact with others in ancient ways: Dancing, with poems, painting. Building pictures, wich throught life is more real.

My backaround in the world of  handicrafts and performing arts is visible also in visual arts: In adittion to draving, painting and sculpting basics we are wondering different materials, building new words to the spaces, new costumes and set pieces and together we will get familiar with puppet/object show, masks and shadow theather with the bests in the fields. As a social pedagogue and an art therapy student, I see creative expression in everyone and arts as a key to own and others well-being and thus phenomenological, experiential, and applied art is an important part of the joint studies of the Arts. The connection to nature, of which we are a part of, is a lifeline and environmental art is also visible through the Arts Year. "