Kälviä Arts community Collegeline 43 study weeks/40 credit points

Central Ostrobothnia’s community College Kälviä Arts- line of studies is an yearlong arts studies offering folk high school line. The studies are intended for over 16 year olds for students interested in art and culture or the application of art. The folk high school line does not in itself provide professional qualifications, but prepares well for postgraduate studies in the field and helps to explore one’s own future in the arts. It is also possible to add different parts of the degree to the studies, EG. From the undergraduate degrees in Education and Guidance or Media and Visual Expression.

The community College line is paid for by students. The price for a week is 60€/week (2220€/year) including teaching, teaching materials and lunch or 100€/week (3700€/year) including living, three meals a day, teaching and materials. By completing parts of the degree from other studies offered in Kälviä, tuition fees are slightly reduced. You can choose to live in a dormitory on school and over 17 year olds can apply for Kela’s (social insurance institution of Finland) student allowance and housing allowance.

The line has the opportunity to build your own-looking totality by choosing basic studies from dance, circus, visual arts, and/or theater and in addition, multidisciplinary study of selected parts of the entities of Applied Art, Environmental Art, Experiential Art and Productions. In folk high school studies, students' diverse and individual guidance and communal living supports life management.

Studying happens on weekdays 25h/week in Central Ostrobothnia community College’s premises located in the center of Kälviä. Studies are also optional to choose on some weekends. The studies are very practical project studies, and theory studies are included in the lessons in connection with the workshops.

The studies take into account the different life situations and resources of the students, and the studies can also be completed at one's own pace by choosing only certain studies for one's own timetable.

The studies are high-quality contemporary art teaching and in addition to practicing technical skills, the student gains a lot of practical experience to expand their own way of expression. The teachers are artists of their own art form and you are already networking during the studies in the field of art. There is no entrance exams to the studies, the students are chosen in the order of applying. The maximum amount in the line of studies is 20 students. Admission requirements are interest in making or learning arts and life situation that allows 5 hours of studying every weekdays. The application for the academic year 2021-22 ends June 23, 2021, after which if necessary, an extension application will be organized until July 30, 2021. The study places must be confirmed by 3 August 2021 and the school will start on August 16, 2021. Vacancies can be queried through a continuous search throughout the year.


Central Ostrobothnia’s community College is located close to nature in Kälviä. Kälviä is a small side village about 20 kilometers from the seaside cultural city of Kokkola. School’s premises are safe and equal environment, where you can try independent living and studying or to reflect in peace the direction of life. The dormitory is occupied by rooms for 1-2 people and shares a kitchen-, living- and laundry facilities. It is also possible to live in the dorm on weekends. Dormitory instructor is there until 10pm and you can get ready-made food from the canteen three times a day (also versatile special diets). Students have access to a washing machine and drying facilities. The buildings are old, but the river flowing through the premises of the school, the parks, the hut and the sauna in the riverside, campfire places and the school gyms, TV-room, bicycles, gym and PlayStation, dance-carpets, climbing wall, theater- and circus equipment and also the photography and studio facilities, that are free to use for the students at night and on weekends, increase the comfort of studying and living. It is also possible to go to school from home, and there are often affordable rental apartments near the college for those who want more peace.


Community College is free educational work’s academy which aims to provide education for the integrity of society, equality and active citizenship, based on the principle of lifelong learning. Free educational work emphasizes self-directed learning, community, and inclusion. Every individual is unique and they are building their own personal identity and their responsible role in the society. In the education everyone is treated equally.

Education of Kälviä Arts is based on democratic, sustainable development pedagogy, which eco-phenomenological grip extends beyond rational knowledge to the world of the senses, supporting the student’s comprehensive world relationship and belonging to the nature as an equal part of it, not controlling it. Teachers’ work emphasize guidance, understanding and the ability to support students' learning processes based on different starting points and progressing individually. The starting point for the dialogue between teacher and student is openness, presence, equality, trust, mutual respect and acceptance. In building the content and goals of studies, the focus is on contributing to the well-being of the individual by strengthening the connection not only with oneself, but also with the surrounding nature and equal community. Person is seen as comprehensive, creative, conscious and empathetic.

In addition to practicing technical performances, art studies focus on aesthetic, multi-sensory observation, the diverse search for one's own means of expression, and the growth of awareness skills and critical thinking. We support the lives of students in many different ways and try to say yes instead of no. In our studies, we emphasize experiential-based bodily knowledge and multisensory in making art, which expands and strengthens the student's own expression and experience of the world.

Structure of the studies


Study guidance

Group and personal tutoring lessons common to all students and independent work a total of 4 study weeks.

Basic studies

Free to choose from the studies through Monday to Wednesday one or more fields of art, total 15 study weeks.

Visual Arts





Supplementary studies

Basic studies can be supplemented either by handicraft or body care courses, that take place in the morning and evening hours total of 4 study weeks.


Body care and control


Advanced studies

In addition to the basic studies, students complete mostly on Thursdays and Fridays and partly on weekends, multidisciplinary studies in environmental and community art as well as expressive, experimental studies and build productions. They also engage in their own performance as well as studying the application of art related to cultural well-being.

Environmental art 5 study weeks

Experiential art 5 weeks

Productions 5 weeks

Applied art 5 weeks

In addition, during the community college year, it is possible to complete professional parts of the degree or entities smaller than parts of the degree according to the criteria of the degree. For example:

Undergraduate’s degree on raising- and guidance

Expression guidance 20 cred.

Movement guidance 15 cred.

Guiding nature and experience activities 20 cred.

Guiding people with special needs 20 cred.


Undergraduate’s degree on Media and Visual expression

Pictorial expression and observation 15 cred.

Photographic art realization 15 cred.

Implementing and displaying a work or product ensemble 15 cred.



Corresponding teacher: Minttu Nikula,

Instagram: @kälviäarts

Facebook: Kälviä Arts – Keski-Pohjanmaan Kansanopiston taidelinja