Other units outside Kokkola

Five schools in the countryside.

Kannus Unit: nationally esteemed educator in Agriculture and Forestry of youth and adults alike.

Kannus Unit
  is a nationally recognized institute in Agriculture and Forestry providing education for the youth and adults alike. The School was founded in 1925 and greatly enhanced people’s possibilities to get education in rural areas.

Kannus unit develops its operation with various projects and works in close cooperation with research institutes, municipalities and other interest groups.

The cornerstones of our operation are land, forests, animals and functional data communication links with full capacity teaching via Internet. We allow for modern technology in production and thus provides its students with an ideal opportunity for improving their individual professional skills.

Today we provide students with education services in the following fields (Initial Vocational Qualifications):
-  Rural Entrepreneur (Agriculture, Kennels-sector, Machine Entrepreneur)
-  Forestry (Forest Worker, Forest Machine Operator)
-  Fur Farming (Fur Farmer)

Kaustinen Unit - The Trottning Race School

Equine College of Kaustinen Unit educates young people to be professionals in harness racing. Our location is unique, the school is situated in Nikula Racetrack, an active harness racing track. We co-operate closely with the racetrack and the professional trainers who have stable with at the racetrack.

Equine College Kaustinen have both young and adult students studying to be lad-drivers, professional trainers and to massaging and shoeing horses.  The new school building was built in 2002 and the school has two stables, 24 horses and a new forge which was built in 2008.

Equine College Kaustinen have close co-operation with French, Swedish and Norwegian harness racing schools. The College is a member of the European Trotting School Association (ETSA) which organizes ETSA-race for students once a year. With French and Swedish schools we have a common Eques-exam, the European exam for lad-drivers.

Our students have a possibility to do their training period abroad, for example in Sweden, France, Italy, Canada.

In Kälviä unit students can study  youth and leisure instruction. We also offer a working-life oriented study programme for immigrants, and a study programme for disabled youth, emphasising creative expression and aiming at independent living. Our considerable education and training for adults includes further and specialist qualifications, short courses, and a variety of additional and supplementary training. In addition to education and training, we also offer well-being services as well as meeting and event services.

Our students have opportunities for international activities through work based learning or various student exchanges. The institute has contacts mainly with Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Spain.

Perho Unit: See the diverse potential of the countryside!

Unit of Perho
comprises the range of possibilities for success either as a rural entrepreneur or an employee in the many businesses of the countryside.

We find it essential in our education and training that our students not only learn the necessary skills but also learn to recognise the right procedures and the possibilities of entrepreneurship. We train agricultural professionals, horse grooms with riding-orientation, and professionals in hunting or metalwork and machinery.

Our stronghold in agricultural sector is our extensive education on domestic animals. Our institute’s farm features horses, beef cattle and pigs, and our partner schools have many other animals. Furthermore, we have many wonderful private farms as partners.

The primary strong point of our education with horses is riding. We have a full-sized riding hall, a good stable, skillful horses and excellent riding tracks. The fortes of our education in metalwork and machinery are the right to provide international qualifications in welding, and our very modern equipment for metalwork teaching. The strengths of our education on game animals are expertise in commercial hunting along with the widest wilderness areas of Southern Finland at our students’ disposal.